Thought of the Week


When will enough ever be enough?

I have been pondering this question ALL week. 🧐

As humans, once we attain what we think will make us whole and happy, we grow bored quickly and need something new in order to feel satisfied. The next best car. The next best relationship. The next best job. The next best handbag. We are addicted to what we don’t have. Never being happy or satisfied with what we’ve accomplished; instead, always needing to strive for more and not giving ourselves credit for the things we do on a daily basis. We have moments where enough feels enough (for example: listing out reasons why we are fortunate; getting together with great company; spending time doing something we love.) But those moments become fleeting when we are constantly reminded by SOCIETY and the MEDIA that we need more. Again, we need more money, more fame, more stuff. We have to keep up with the newest looks and hottest trends. More does not equal better. We start to forget that WE ARE ENOUGH…RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Just as we are. We compare and despair our lives with others – someone who we THINK has it all figured out. We compare and despair our accomplishments with others, thinking ours are never enough.

Many people think you will be happy when you’ve achieved all your goals. Or you’ll be happy once you’re successful. They attach happiness to things they lack now and believe they will be happy when they have those things. What they don’t realize is happiness comes before success.

We keep looking for other people to accept us in order to feel whole, when all that’s truly necessary is that we accept ourselves. Just being here on earth, existing and waking up every morning to take on the challenge that is LIFE is what gives you value. Not arbitrary achievements or accomplishments or things.

Of course, you need to set goals and continue to work on self-improvement; it’s important to become the best version of yourself, but what I’m saying is to be mindful. Be mindful if it is YOU making those choices or it is SOCIETY telling you this is what you need. You can choose what kind of life you want. You can choose to live with enough.Yes, there will always seem to be another reason that you seem to need/want more, but WHEN YOU FIND A BALANCE OF HAVING ENOUGH, it will free you. When you stop looking and chasing for enough, then you can start to appreciate how wonderful you are right now.

This week’s goal – figure out when/what is enough for you! 💜

Published: 03/08/2021

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