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Have you been looking for an all-natural healthier toothpaste? 🦷 I recommend you check out Radius Mint Aloe Neem Toothpaste.
Oral hygiene is so important, especially in today’s society of masks and mouth breathers. 😷 But finding an all-natural toothpaste without all the dyes and chemicals that actually works can be difficult. So when I came across
Radius USA
#MintAloeNeem toothpaste, I had to try it. It is made with USDA #organic mint, tea tree, aloe, neem, chamomile, rosemary, rice powder and toother-friendly erythritol. Plus, it’s #fluoridefree. You can find this and other Radius products at
Mother’s Market & Kitchen
Whole Foods Market
and other grocery stores.
I honestly loved everything about this toothpaste! 😍 Because it is a natural toothpaste, it does not foam when brushing. (If you aren’t used to it, it might be weird the first few times you brush.) It smelled of mint with a hint of tea tree, giving it almost a medicinal smell. 🌱 The flavor of mint gently built, but wasn’t overly strong and the camomile was calming. After I was done, my mouth felt super clean, like I had just left the dentist office. This toothpaste did a great job cleaning – I didn’t notice any residual tartar or plaque build up and it has natural cavity protection. I also love that the company, Radius, is all about sustainability and natural ingredients with a factory here in the USA. I am very impressed with this toothpaste and brand. For the first time ever, I really enjoyed brushing my teeth. 😁 I highly recommend you try it!
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