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Have you been wanting to try a gluten-free pancake mix? I highly recommend you check out Purely Elizabeth’s products. 🥞🧇
Having tried previous products of
Purely Elizabeth
, I couldn’t wait to try their gluten-free #AncientGrainPancakeMix. The mix is made with 5 grains and seeds – packing it full of healthy protein and fiber with no added sugar. You can find this and other Purely Elizabeth products at
Whole Foods Market
and other grocery stores.
This #pancakemix was one of the best tasting gluten-free mixes I have had. Since I am plant-based, I swapped out the eggs and oil for
Eat Just
plant-based egg substitute and unsweetened applesauce. The ingredient swap worked beautifully and the pancakes came out perfect. Cooking the pancakes smelled like I was walking into a bakery making cinnamon rolls. 😍The texture was soft, with no grittiness and had a thin crisp/crunch layer on the outside, which I absolutely love. It was just the right amount of sweet with a hint of caramelization, perfect for baked goods. The pancakes were great topped with #maplesyrup and super easy to cut with a fork. I loved that this mix can easily be made into #waffles and contains #superfoods like chia and hemp seeds. Unfortunately, this mix is super high in sodium and fat content – mostly from the nuts, grains and seeds. If you add in the oil it originally calls for, your fat content will be over 70 grams! 😱 So not good! 🤭 Just a quick side note – the dry mix is labeled vegan, but the ingredients call for eggs. Kind of interesting… 🤔
Overall, I did enjoy this mix and will be using it again in the future. If you are gluten-free or looking for a plant-based pancake mix, I would highly recommend trying Purely Elizabeth.
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