Bob’s Red Mill – Grain-Free Flatbread Mix

The other day my husband and I were looking in the kitchen trying to figure out what we wanted for lunch, when I remembered we had a new Grain-free Flatbread Mix from Bob’s Red Mill that we had been wanting to try out. Considering it was a bit chilly out and the house was cold, we decided to turn the oven on and make the flatbread into a pizza. 🥖
This flatbread mix is made with almond and cassava flours, so it is also gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO and paleo-friendly. It only has 8 dry-mix ingredients and requires eggs, oil and water. (Because we are plant-based, we used Eat Just Just Egg as a substitute for real eggs and we reduced the amount of oil used by half.) It was easy to mix up and roll out. We baked it for about 15 minutes before topping it with some organic tomato paste, Miyoko’s dairy-free cheese, black olives and fresh basil and throwing it back into the oven for an additional 10 minutes.
The aroma of the flatbread pizza smelled delicious with hints of herbs and spices wandering through the air. Upon removing it from the oven, we briefly let it cool (it’s so hard to wait for pizza to cool down, am I wrong?) The flatbread had a good flavor and a nice crunch. The texture reminded me of a peanut butter cookie – kind of thick and crispy with very little grit. It tasted more like a flatbread pizza – not a traditional dough pizza – and it had that gluten-free consistency. Our flatbread rose a bit higher than we expected, so it was a little dry when eating. I think if we rolled it out thinner (think thin-crust pizza) it would have had a better mouth-consistency.
Bob’s Red Mill Flatbread Mix is perfect for a quick snack or meal for two. It takes about 40 minutes from start to finish and is very customizable – you can sprinkle some fresh herbs on top, make it into a full-on pizza or bake plain. Unfortunately, this mix is EXTREMELY high in sodium, almost double the recommended 1:1 sodium:calories. One entire packet of mix has over 1600mg of sodium! OUCH! I definitely would not recommend eating this all in one sitting.
A few things I would recommend:
-Keep in mind the flatbread mix does rise and puff up when cooking, so when rolling out the dough, even if you think it is thin enough, I would recommend making it a little thinner.
-If you use this for pizza, I recommend placing the sauce and toppings on after the flatbread has thoroughly cooked (about 15 minutes in or longer) and then add any additional ingredients and place back in the oven for 5-10 minutes.
-Remember, this mix is high in sodium, so I don’t recommend adding any additional salt.
Overall, I would give Bob’s Red Mill Grain-Free Flatbread Mix 4 out of 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I enjoyed this flatbread mix because…
-The mix was easy to make with little clean-up
-The ingredients were plant-based and gluten-free
-It sufficed our pizza craving 🍕
-I was happy with the minimal packaging of the product 🛍 – just a simple plastic bag (although it would have been better if the plastic bag was recyclable.)
I would definitely try this product again as well as Bob’s Red Mill other grain-free mixes. You can find this and other Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods products at Walmart, Albertsons and other grocery stores as well as for around $4.
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