MBS is back after sabbatical

Hello everyone! Millennial Mind-Body-Soul is back (subsequently…me)! 🖐

Thank you all for understanding – I was on a much needed social media sabbatical. You know that feeling when life begins to become overwhelming? When you feel you just need a break from it all? Or maybe it’s more of a change – a chance to start over? Well, that’s where I was. My husband and I were becoming frustrated with our environment and wanted something new. Have you ever heard of that quote by Meister Eckhart? “And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of BEGINNINGS.” I love this quote and refer to it often in my life. So that’s exactly what we did. 

We decided to pack up our stuff 📦 (luckily we don’t own much #minimalism) and take a road trip. 🚗 So we got our dogs, our stuff and the two of us into two vehicles and spent the next 3 days / 1300 miles on the road, in 5 different states, before ending up in Oklahoma. We have decided to stay here for a bit while we visit the kids and enjoy the summer. (Not sure how long we are staying yet! More on our road trip soon.)

Well, over the course of this sabbatical and subsequently the road trip, I had some time to think. 🧐 (Thinking always comes with change.) I thought about what I want my life to look like; how I want to show up each day; and what I can and cannot control. I know there are things I love and am passionate about – creating beautiful and healthy foods/desserts; stretching my mind by exploring, reading and learning new things; starting new projects and businesses in hopes of seeing them come to fruition. I know I love moving my body, whether it is walking, practicing yoga, dancing or riding my bike. I know I love spending time with my girls and my husband – enjoying the time we have together in the present moment. 💜

I also started thinking about MBS and what I want it to be; what I want to offer others; and what role I want to play in this brand. I’ve realized that I LOVE learning, writing and posting about living a healthy lifestyle – topics like personal development, eating whole-food plant-based meals, moving the body through yoga, practicing meditation and of course, my own personal thoughts. I want Millennial Mind-Body-Soul to be a brand where you can connect with others and yourself. A resource you can trust for accurate and valuable information. A community where health meets wellness; where the mind, body and soul can connect; where positive energies and self-love are born. 

Since we’ve been in OK (over a month now), I have had such a creative streak. I have been trying out new recipes, exploring new places and creating new content for MBS. Some of the content includes #ThoughtOfTheWeek , #WordOfTheWeek , #FunFoodFacts , #PracticingYoga and #MillennialThoughts. In addition, I will showcase various health and wellness companies, share amazing book recommendations and, hopefully soon, selling MBS merchandise! (Stay tuned for more info soon!)

I look forward to connecting with all of you and helping us become the best version of ourselves! 💜

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