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Millennial Mind-Body-Soul is a health and wellness lifestyle hub – written from the perspective of a millennial. You will find topics that are near and dear to my heart including personal development, yoga and meditation, endometriosis and female issues, cannabis,  connecting with others and nature, plant-based food ideas and more. 

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When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Over the next 7 years, I found myself in and out of the ER on a monthly basis, taking various prescription pills and injections to help with pain; at one point, I even had multiple surgeries, but nothing helped. The side effects of the prescriptions were awful and eventually I realized that Big Pharma and the medical industry just couldn’t help me. This is when I was introduced to cannabis and it truly saved me! Using cannabis on a regular basis kept me out of the ER and I got off ALL my prescriptions. As I started becoming more involved in cannabis and learning how it can help our bodies, I also began exploring personal development and learning more about myself.

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Christina Smith

Millennial entrepreneur-Cannabis enthusiast-Yoga lover-Plant based foodie-Dessert artist-Dog mom-Business owner

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In 2018, I decided to leave my public service job and focus on my health. I changed my eating habits and started eating organic whole-food plant-based (no meat, no dairy, minimal oils, no processed sugar – just fruits, veggies and grains). I started practicing yoga and walking every day to move my body and reduce my stress levels. A year later, my husband and I decided to change our environment as well, so we sold all of our stuff and moved to the beach. We have loved our new life and can’t wait to see where the universe takes us next. 

I am proud to say I haven’t been in an ER in almost 8 years; I am on zero medications; and I have learned how to control my endometriosis naturally. I am at my healthiest weight ever and feel great! I move my body everyday, eat healthy whole foods, practice gratitude and live my life to the fullest. 

Over the years, I have found certain products, programs and practices that have contributed to my health and wellness success and I want to share those with you. Enjoy!

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