Mission Statement:

Millennial420 is all encompassing cannabis educational website devoted to collecting accurate and up-to-date information regarding cannabis/CBD while encouraging health and wellness in every aspect of your life.

Why Millennial420?

Here at Millennial420 we want to eliminate the old stigma about cannabis by providing accurate and up-to-date information. We encourage everyone to learn cannabis – what exactly it is, what it can do for you, the different aspects of the plant (cannabinoids and terpenes) as well as how and where to legally consume it.

Cannabis is very personal and individual – what works for one person may not work for another. We encourage people to explore cannabis safely and choose what works best for them.

To help integrate health and wellness into your life, we created MBS – Mind Body Soul – promoting a healthy lifestyle with and without cannabis through personal development, clean healthy food, moving your body and more. Visit MBS here.

Meet the Millennial Team


Christina is a millennial entrepreneur, cannabis enthusiast, yoga lover, plant-based foodie and dog mom. She has her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Minor in Professional Writing as well as two additional Associate’s Degrees in Business and Science. She has started multiple businesses, including a non-profit charity with her husband, that handed out over $16,000 in educational scholarships.  

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Christina was introduced to cannabis after suffering from Endometriosis (horrific periods) where she ended up in the ER month after month. She began using cannabis (flower and edibles) before and during her period. She notice some huge changes including significantly less pain (less pain means less pain pills and less side effects) as well as sleeping better and having a healthier appetite. She believe cannabis is the reason she has not visited an ER in the last 7 years. She has experience in growing, cultivating and cooking with cannabis.

As Christina started down her path of health and wellness, she began learning about other healthy ways of living including plant-based eating, the benefits of daily yoga and meditations, exploring personal development and finding joy in everyday life. You can find her at @millennialmindbodysoul.

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Mitch is a veteran, retired firefighter/paramedic (20 years), entrepreneur and cannabis enthusiast. He currently has his Certified Hedgefund Professional I as well as his Series 65 License (NV).  He has started multiple businesses with his wife, including their non-profit charity that handed out over $16,000 in educational scholarships.

Mitch was diagnosed with Latent Tuberculosis (TB) and was immediately put on elephant-sized doses of anti-viral medication (for 6-12 months). Within months his liver enzymes were extremely high and he was heading towards liver failure. He had to detox off the first medication (8 weeks) and then started a second anti-viral medication. Throughout this course, he lost 30lbs and missed the equivalent of 3 months of work, but cannabis helped him through the nausea, vomiting and weight loss as well as the insomnia, mood control, stomach issues and pain from multiple injuries (including shoulder and back). He has experience and passion in growing, cultivating and cooking with cannabis.