Word of the week

Terpene 馃尡

pronounced [ter-pean]

You know that smell when you peel an orange? 馃崐 Or the smell when you cut a piece of lavender? 馃尶 Those aromatic compounds are terpenes. Terpenes are found in many different plants – plants we grow, plants we eat, even plants we smoke…like cannabis! 馃尡

That鈥檚 right! Cannabis has its own set of terpenes, which helps give cannabis its potent smell and flavor. 馃槏 There are over 100+ terpenes found in a single cannabis flower with a handful of terpenes being the most common. Some terpenes are earthy and musky; some are fruity and sweet; and some are spicy and floral. You probably have smelled or tasted these before. 馃崑

Terpenes are found in our everyday food and spices, bath and beauty products, as well as in nature:

鉁达笍 Cinnamon
鉁达笍 Cloves
鉁达笍 Oregano
鉁达笍 Basil
鉁达笍 Rosemary
鉁达笍 Lemon
鉁达笍 Mint
鉁达笍 Chamomile
鉁达笍 Jasmine
鉁达笍 Sage
鉁达笍 Bell peppers
鉁达笍 Cedar
鉁达笍 Pine

Terpenes also have therapeutic purposes, such as improving mood; reducing stress, pain and inflammation; helping with depression and insomnia; even treating bacterial infections. Each terpene has its own distinct smell, flavor and benefits.

Have you heard of some of these common terpenes found in cannabis?

馃煝 Myrcene
馃煝 Linalool
馃煝 Limonene
馃煝 Caryophyllene
馃煝 Pinene

Published: 02/17/2021

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