Word of the week

Edible 🌱

pronounced [ed-i-bowl]

There are many different names for edibles…
💚hash brownies
💚space cakes
💚cbd gummies
💚liquid edible
Regardless of it’s name, each type of edible contains cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. (Remember, those are THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, etc.)

An edible is usually infused with cannabis (oils, concentrates, flowers, hash, etc.) which is then ingested by mouth. It takes anywhere from 1-2 hours before any effects will be felt because cannabinoid absorption can only occur once it reaches the small intestine and liver. This also means the effects usually last longer, making it ideal for those dealing with chronic pain.

💥💥A word of caution for someone taking edibles for the first time – cannabis edibles (THC) can be incredibly powerful, so please, please, please start with a small dose (no more than 5-10mg THC per serving) and wait AT LEAST 2+ hours for effects! Go low and slow…😎

Various kinds of edibles on the cannabis market:
🍬candy (gummies)
🥜butter and oil
🍫 chocolates
🍡snack foods (nuts, pretzels and treats)
👅tinctures and sublinguals
💊capsules and tablets
☕️breakfast foods (coffee, granola and cereals)
🍯condiments (sauce, honey, syrup and sugar)
🍨frozen (popsicles and sorbet)

What’s your favorite go-to edible? 🌱

Published: 02/24/2021

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