Word of the week

Cannabinoid 🌱

pronounced [can-na-bin-oid]

Cannabinoids are a group of naturally occurring compounds that are unique to the cannabis plant as well as produced by the human body. These compounds interact with receptors in the body to help with cell communication. 🧍‍♀️

There are over 100+ cannabis plant cannabinoids with the most abundant being CBD (cannabidiol). Other cannabinoids include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBG (cannabigerols), CBN (cannabinol) and CBC (cannabichromenes). 🌱

What’s the difference between cannabinoids? It all has to do with their psychoactive effects. For example, CBD, CBG and CBC are not psychoactive where THC and CBN have varying levels of psychoactivity.

Did you know…

❓ CBD, which has anti-anxiety effects, can possibly help counteract the psychoactive effects of THC?

❓ THC, when exposed to air, oxidizes and forms CBN, creating less potent psychoactive effects when smoked?

Published: 02/10/2021

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