Cannabis Fun Fact #27


The US Government hold a patent on cannabis

We all know cannabis is on the US Controlled Substances list as a Schedule 1 drug (one of the worst). That means it is federally ILLEGAL to possess, use, sell & grow. Luckily, many states have already legalized cannabis in one form or another – recreational, medical or both. But it is still FEDERALLY illegal.🌱

Yet did you know the US government holds a patent on cannabis? The same government that labeled cannabis as Schedule I also holds a patent on it. 🤯 That’s right – Patent No. 6,630,507 that essentially states cannabis can be used to treat issues related to oxidative stress – strokes, autoimmune disorders, age-related issues & more.

The US Dept of Health & Human Services applied for the patent in 1998 & were approved in 2003. The patent is 26 pages long 📖 (a bit of a difficult read) & can be found HERE

If you decide to read it, you will notice it mentions various ‘oxidative associated diseases’ that come from oxidative stress which cannabis may treat including…
🟢 inflammatory diseases (like endometriosis)
🟢 lupus
🟢 myocardial infarction (heart attack)
🟢 traumatic hemorrhage (bleeding on the brain)
🟢 spinal cord trauma
🟢 Down’s syndrome
🟢 Crohn’s disease
🟢 cataract formation
🟢 emphysema (breathing problems)
🟢 gastric ulcers
🟢 oxygen toxicity
🟢 radiation sickness
🟢 and more

So if cannabis can help with ALL these medical problems, why is it still federally illegal & not decriminalized? 😡That’s all part of the political-game, which is slowly changing.

The next time you hear cannabis is ‘bad for you’ or ‘has no medicinal purposes/benefits’ please remember that the US government holds a patent on Schedule 1 cannabis for medicinal purposes… who’s lying to who?

Published: 03/05/2021

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